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Simon Macbeth is the design manager and one of the founders of Cleaning Website Design based in Leeds, UK. His job is to help ensure excellent customer service and project manage every web design project to ensure our high rate of customer satisfaction.

When Simon M. Macbeth first started working for himself back in 1998, he lived in a small run down house in Leeds and had a pretty demanding job. After coming home from work, he'd fill his online orders but didn't have much time left for the things he loved. After a few months he quit the job, and became self employed full time. Simon Macbeth, became a self taught web designer in 2006 and is really thankful for that because his happiness level has gone way up, and he's now making money doing what he love's to do and what he's really good at. With Cleaning Website Design he employs a small team or developers, graphic designers and online marketers who all help make Cleaning Website Design the perfectly oiled business that he's always wanted. Cleaning Website Design has also been great for his self-esteem. Being at the forefront of Cleaning Website Design he gets tons of positive feedback from the hundreds of happy customers, which makes him feel really good about myself, and at the same time making money to pay his bills .

If you would like to learn more about Simon M. Macbeth and his life you can now read his autobiography, which is available via his website for only £9.99 -

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