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Pleased to meet you, we are a small team of enthusiasts who love website creation and really want to help bring that forward to your business world.

Based in Leeds UK, Simon is our Design Manager and one of the founders of Cleaning Website Design.

Simons' job is to help ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied, it's only then we know we've done our job properly. The happiness of who we work with and for has meant we've had lots of happy customers coming back to work with us again.

Simon started designing his own website in 2005. Tired of hassles, ludicrous fees and feeling that nobody really was 'getting' his Property Development Business, he created his own site. On doing so he gained an understanding and importance of getting to know what makes a business tick and showing that to an outside audience.

In 2007 after a period of hardship, Simon decided that being a Website Designer would be a more personally rewarding occupation. It was then he decided to throw himself in head first. The business grew into quite a big tree and here we are now.

This year Cleaning Website Design has grown slowly and steadily into a company which has helped many businesses to spread their branches. Today we still work with our first two customers:-

When working with Cleaning Website Design you'll be directly in touch with Simon, managing most of the web designing projects he makes sure that your new website ends up looking right for you and visually impressive to your audience. He's also quite partial to the odd cup of tea and slice of cake. Alongside refreshments, Simon will use all his skills of genius, knowledge, insight and communication to help you get the look you need for your website.

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Now you have got to know our team a little and understand where we have come from, why not give us a call or drop us an email and tell us your story.

Phone: 08431 55 00 54   |   Email: [email protected]

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